Foods you should try:


Royal Hotel Battambang: If you think staying in hotels are out of your budget- think again! When you visit small towns like Battambang, you can land amazing deals with accommodations. This hotel was really nice, rooftop, jacuzzi, hammocks, etc. Right in the heart of the city, you are close to everything!

Bamboo Train: You sit on a square bamboo bed and ride through the fields of Battambang. It’s the weirdest yet coolest thing ever. Definitely worth the adrenaline rush!

Phnom Penh

Lovely Jubbly Hostel: Inexpensive, clean and close to everything you need to see. Seriously, if you’re on a budget stay here! Perfect for a few nights if you’re passing through Phnom Penh.


Foods you should try: papaya salad, sticky rice, banana chips, spring rolls, laab, beerlao, pho

Luang Prabang


Vang Vieng




Foods you should try: seafood

Ho Chi Minh


Phu Quoc

Mushrooms Backpacker Hostel: Amazing vibe, great people and good location. You are sure to meet other interesting and adventurous travelers here and have a laid-back stay on this island hostel.