Foods you should try: waffle, fries, beer, chocolate


Don’t go to Belgium if you want to loose weight. I recommend trying as many local foods as possible. Delirium Cafe is one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to- the vibe, variety and quality is unbeatable!



Foods you should try: crêpe, baguette, wine, cheese


Visit the Canadian and American cemeteries. Both are very moving and will leave you breathless. My friend and I drove from Caen to both cemeteries- it was an amazing little road trip. You are cruising along the ocean and it is incredible.


Oh, Paris. What a whirlwind of things to say about this place. The architecture just can’t be beat and the fresh baguettes…I mean come on.


Foods you should try: beer, hamburger, schnitzel


You MUST go to Burgermeister. It was by far the best burger I have ever had in my entire life. I ate there twice in one day…it was that good.

I highly recommend doing a walking tour in this city. Sandeman offers an amazing tour of the city, always good to brush up on European history!


Beautiful Hamburg.


Foods you should try: beer, croquette


You might see a map of Amsterdam and think it’s this huge city, but it’s actually quite small in a way. Rent a bike and you are good to go! But be cautious, dutch people will run you down if you’re biking like a 2 year old.


I tried the best ‘croquettes’ in Leiden, I still dream about those. They are small breaded food rolls that just can’t be beat. This little city in the Netherlands is a “student city” so the nightlife is worth checking out. It’s also nice to see a smaller town with less tourists.



Foods you should try: paella, gelato, olive oil, tapas


So much to see, so much culture, so many people! This capital city has so much to offer, I suggest staying more than 4 days if you are able to!




My favourite city in Spain. If you want to get away from the tourist jungle of Barcelona and Madrid, go to Valencia! You will be able to experience the true Spanish life and relax on beautiful beaches.

Home Hostels Valencia: I stayed in this hostel upon my arrival in Valencia, before I found an apartment. I loved it because it was spacious and there was a kitchen in the common room where you could cook!