Garden party

beet-leavesRaise your hand if you had a home garden this summer!

Every year, we are spoiled by what the earth gives us. Zucchinis, beets, parsley, tomatoes, kale, green onions…you name it! Credit goes to my mother and brother who prepare everything at the start of the season. I can only receive credit for occasional watering and lots of eating.

Did you know that home gardens help reduce your personal carbon footprint? By growing your own food, you are reducing CO2 emissions dramatically and avoiding harsh pesticides (among many other things).

Packed and frozen, we have lots of veggies to help us get through the winter. Can we all start praying this winter won’t be a brutal one?

I tried out a tabouleh/couscous recipe with parsley from our garden. Mmm mmm mmm delicious! Link for the recipe below. Check out pictures of our garden veggies too! beats

The bean wall

long-green-beankaletomatotomatoesTabouleh.jpgparsleyTabouleh 2.jpgClick here if you’re interested in trying out the recipe! Tomatoes are usually added, but being that I’m a hater I opted out.



Bags of sustainability

different angle peachesDoes your daily use of plastic drive you crazy?

Being a citizen of Laos for 6 months was my environment wake-up call. The limited services and resources available at peoples’ disposal there makes it very difficult to have an environmental friendly lifestyle.

I believe small steps towards achieving a more sustainable lifestyle is the way to go. The subtle changes you make will eventually become a habit.

So, I threw myself into a little project: home-made reusable fruit and veggie bags. I had reusable bags for general groceries, why not go one step further?! Scrap fabric to the rescue.

Youtube tutorials were on repeat, the SINGER was on overdrive and the frustration was flowing. Let’s be real, I am no seamstress.

Looking back, I see how relatively easy this project was. Proof of this: I went on to make some for a friend!

What are small steps you are taking to reach a more sustainable lifestyle?

Photos of my project and final product below!sewing boxsingerthreadme sewing

assortment of veggies 2bag of peachesassortment of veggiesHappy fruit and veggie shopping!