Laos! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Through the exhaustion, lack of sleep, jet lag, excitement and the start of a new position, I’ve managed to catch a glimpse of Vientiane. The streets are packed with cars (and pick-up trucks?!), motorbikes and tuk tuks; so trying to cross the street is a “pray before you attempt” kind of deal. The food is delicious and so cheap.

My first day at the national office in Laos was great. I got to meet lots of new people, who are all so friendly, and learn more about what my job will entail. I tried saying a few words in Lao and was semi successful..Why is it that every time I try to say a word, Spanish comes out?

I am going in the field tomorrow, which is really exciting! I will share more on my next post about what exactly I will have done on this field visit.


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