Workout by the Mekong

Finally my workout did not consist of doing squats and jumping jacks in my apartment!

My friend told me about these aerobics classes that happen every night by the Mekong River. It’s 4000Kip to participate, which is about 63 cents Canadian. So I reallyyyy had to budget for the class… 😉

I decided to run there to get an extra workout and because it’s been over a month since I’ve been running. I’ve been reluctant to go running here because it’s not something lots of people do, especially in my part of town. But it turned out great, and the weather is a bit cooler (22 degrees considered “cool”) which is an added bonus when you wanna go running. Some things I have to be careful of as I’m running here: holes in the sidewalk (I’m talking holes the length of my leg…which means long), cars parked all over the sidewalks and really just cars anywhere. Ok so I’m gonna stop there with the hazards before I get my parents worried.

The aerobics class was also really good! FYI this picture is unfortunately not from my aerobics night, but it is of the Mekong River. Thailand on the left and Laos on the right. Thailand is so close you can hear music coming from there if it’s loud enough. Back to the class. Good workout, lots of people and definitely awko taco sometimes seeing me trying to follow. I stand out like crazy because of my height so messing up a routine is automatic visibility. But I’m being too hard on myself, no one is actually looking at me or cares. I’ll be back for sure!

sunset by the mekong

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and family! Grateful and blessed to have you all in my life. Thank you for making me smile and laugh even if we are so far apart. A simple hello makes my days 🙂 A special thought for Pascale, Emilie and Shawn who are spending thanksgiving without the beautiful Julie for the first time. I’m thinking about you so much and keeping you all in my prayers. Mihou.

For those of you needing an excuse to eat a second, third or fourth serving of thanksgiving dinner, just say you are eating my portion. You’re welcome.

Hasta pronto,


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