Vacation in Luang Prabang

Five day holiday you say? Let’s travel!

For a while C and I considered going to Vietnam for those five days, but with minor delays and obstacles, we opted for Luang Prabang in Laos. While I’m living in this country, why not see the most of it right? We hoped on a plane and within what felt like a minute, we were there.

Getting to our guesthouse/villa, we were hosted by the cutest young couple who were so welcoming and who’d always giggle. The woman showed us to our room and the conversation went like this:

Her: Where are you from?

C: Canada.

Her: Oh that’s why you’re so white.

Ha! We thought she said “quiet” at first, but then remembered how obsessed people are with our white skin here.

The first day was spent at Tad Sae waterfall. Friends told us to visit this particular one because it’s beautiful and there are less tourists (yes please). Our tuk tuk ride there began like any other but took a turn for stress lane when the driver was acting suspicious by stopping here and there, talking to people, etc. Won’t get into the details but hey, we got to the waterfall safely and my oh my was it worth it. Tad sae is absolutely breathtaking and wonderful and magical. We spent most of the day there swimming, climbing rocks and exploring the surroundings. I could’ve stayed there the whole 5 days!

tad sae

Hooked on waterfalls, we set out for Kuang Si the next day. This world heritage waterfall brings in lots of tourists, and I can clearly see why. Once again, breathtaking. After a few minutes of taking photos, because yes we are tourists, we climbed the trail beside the waterfall. It pointed us in the direction of a cave and fresh spring water said to be 3km away. Of course it was more like 5km away but hey maybe km means something different in Laos?! It was so nice to be far away from everything for just an hour, so serene. Until…cows on the path…wait…does that cow have horns…is that a bull? Considering for a second turning around before pissing off this brute of an animal, we jumped in the forest to try and go around the trail. With no success, we took a better look and saw that no, it was not a bull, so on we went haha! The cave was pretty nice and the non-existent spring water too! You live and ya learn.

kuang si

While some stay in Vientiane to see the boat racing during these five days, Luang Prabang was calling my name and I’m so glad I went. Seeing the city prepare for the festival of lights was something else. Every home was making their own decorations of boats or lamps. The small boats made of bamboo and banana trunks are decorated with colourful paper and money, illuminated and then thrown out on the Mekong river for good luck and to give thanks for the spirit of the waters. I wish I could’ve stayed another night to see it but I guess I’ll just have to go back! Shucks…

Once again, there is so much more I could share about my trip but I can’t go on forever!

I’ll be writing another post soon about the Night Market in Luang Prabang which hosts many handicraft artists that are able to keep their tradition alive and support their families by selling their goods. So many interesting things for sale, I’m surprised my suitcase was ONLY 4 kg overweight (oops!).

Check out some more photos below!


sunset with mesunsetcow decorations STF_4479^festival of lights  temple top of mount

More info on the festival of lights and the boat racing festival!

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