Journey to Savannakhet

Off to Savannakhet!

Yesterday Amm’s husband drove us to Thakket where we took a bus down to Savannakhet. We ate a quick lunch before hoping on the bus, and once again I was on the verge of crying. My body needs to get used to this spicy thing. My tolerance is slowly building, so maybe by the end of my time here I’ll be eating chili peppers by the handful!

Away we went on the bus that brought us through many different towns before reaching Savannakhet. The side of the roads are occupied by garbage, something you kind of get used to seeing here.

I was exhausted and surprisingly fell asleep (transport and sleep aren’t two things that work for me). I suddenly woke up when I felt the bus stop and heard people talking. When I opened my eyes I saw about 5 women walking around the bus selling chicken on a stick, hard-boiled eggs, this type of plant, etc…..cue culture shock. I use the term culture shock loosely here because honestly, very little shocks me in terms of food now. All I could think of when I saw these pieces of chicken being flung here and there was how my high school cooking class teacher would use this as an example of unsafe meat handling.

Regardless, I thought it was neat to see and experience. Things like this make travelling even more fun because it takes you by surprise and makes you learn a lot about a different culture.

After a night spent in a guesthouse in Savannakhet, I woke up with bug bites the size of a small grape. Laos- hit me with your best shot.

I’m off doing field work this week in different villages! I’ll be sure to bathe in bug spray 😉

Catch you all soon,


P.S No photos this time around! I’ll be shocked if the Internet even manages to post this!

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