It’s not always roses

In an attempt to portray the good and the bad of my time in Laos, here’s a blog post about a not so good weekend.

I woke up Friday morning not feeling too hot and when I got to work, my brain was like nuh-uh girl. After saying hello to C, I quickly sat down for I was scared my head was going to hit the floor before my next footstep did.

Twenty minutes later and I was in a car being driven to the clinic. They ran some blood tests and everything came back normal…which is awesome but I also wanted answers.

It’s now Sunday and I still feel like the world is spinning. Going insaneeee in my apartment!

I was determined to get outside this afternoon for some fresh air and to go to a clothing swap someone organized in Vientiane. A bunch of us expats got together and brought clothes we no longer wanted and did a giant exchange. Maybe not the best idea to crowd in a room with a bunch of people going through piles and piles of clothes. Oh well, it made me think of something else and got me moving.

Walked way with three clothing items and took pictures to show you all!

Hoping to feel better soon! Closing this post with a song here.




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