Friendship on a tortilla chip

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The day ended with a plate of nachos on a table surrounded with friends.

This entire weekend has been so much fun (as most weekends are), because I got to see so many friends. Sadly, I’ve had to start saying good-bye’s and I don’t think I’m prepared for more.

In exactly a month today I will be leaving this place; it seems surreal. This place feels like home now. Someone recently asked me if I was ready for the culture shock of returning to Canada and I looked at them with a puzzled look. I hadn’t really thought about it.

The more I think about it, the more I begin to realize how difficult it will be to re-adjust to a culture so different than the one here. I feel a pit in my stomach! I remember being really upset when I came back from living in Spain in 2014 and it taking me at least a week to feel happy about my return.

You come back different; wether you meant for that to happen or not. 6 months away is fairly short in retrospect, but it’s enough to change your perspective on so many things and make you grow as an individual. I’ve learned SO MUCH during my time in Vientiane, and I’ve certainly changed- I guess it’s just scary going back to a place where everyone knows you, but you’re coming back different.

I’m most definitely excited to walk into a grocery store, where everything my heart desires awaits.

Photo are from Saturday- don’t have photos of my time with other friends. I swear they exist 😉

See you all soon, ahhhhhhh


biking gang.jpg

funny peace sign.jpg

3 thoughts on “Friendship on a tortilla chip

  1. Quand je suis revenue d’Italie, il y a 33 ans, ça m’a pris du temps, à moi aussi, de me réajuster. Ce que tu viens de vivre est tellement enrichissant: j’ai hâte de te voir et de t’écouter.
    Je t’aime tellement! Xxx

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