Hiking mountains in Alberta

Scenery LL

Eight years ago my sister, father and I were driving through the Canadian Rockies, admiring the beautiful snowy peaks and the luscious forests. It’s something I’ve never forgotten.

This past long- weekend, Ariane and I relived part of that trip as we headed South from Edmonton and met up with our friend Nick.

We debated camping, but with the crummy weather anticipated and the fear of bears (mostly my fear), we decided to stay at Nick’s place for the weekend. I think we made the right decision considering the cold and rain that came crashing down.

On Saturday, we hiked the Grassy Lakes trail in Canmore that had me thinking we were in New Zealand. The water was so so blue and the view on top of the mountain was amazing.

Marielle&Ariane GL.jpg

Up top mountain #1.jpg

Marielle running.jpg

Marielle and Nick.jpg

We must’ve been craving more of the same scenery because we made a spur of the moment decision to head to Lake Louise. It did not disappoint.

Ariane LL.jpg

Lake Louise view.jpg

Marielle, Nick and Ariane LL.jpg

Scenery LL 2.jpg

If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for hot tubs. It only seemed logical to go to the hotsprings in Banff to relax and warm up.

The other 150 other people who thought of doing the same thing made it less enjoyable and relaxing, but all in all still great.

Downtown Banff is so beautiful. Everything about it screams mountain village and a great time. No wonder so many tourists go!

The next few days were spent in Calgary where we got to spend time with friends.

I’ve had such an amazing time out West; it’s been hard not going online and changing my flight date.

ALSO! Check out these old photos of Ariane and I in Lake Louise. We were laughing all weekend thinking about how cool we thought our outfits were that day…haha!


Until next time Alberta!


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