Happy 1 Year Anniversary Red Wax Seals!

1 year anniversary.jpgOne year ago I finally decided to go for it: start a blog. Truth be told, my contract in Laos stated mandatory blogging but I was set on starting a blog regardless. Blogging has been such a fun experience. I get to be creative and practice my written communication skills in a more personal setting. I can’t even count how many times I convinced myself “This is the year you will write in a journal everyday“. HA! Anyone else?! We all know that idea goes down the drain with every other New Years resolution. Red Wax Seals brings together words, stories and photographs in a way that is so effortless and fun. Looking forward to another year here.

Reading blogs has been something I’ve enjoyed for years now. Seeing creative people express themselves online and being able to embark on journeys with them is so unique and interesting to me.

A big thank you to friends, family and new readers for stopping by and supporting me in my adventures!

Sharing photos of this and that below!starmite-camera-2bee-madridalicante old man.jpgold-video-camera

Thanks again!


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