17 things today


  1. I got myself one of those job things.
  2. I also got an apartment. On my own.
  3. I hosted a board game night Saturday and it was so much fun. Kept my competitiveness at a minimum. HA! Just kidding.
  4. Bought a giant cauliflower for 1$ at the market this weekend. Score.
  5. Story: Was walking through the market and saw a woman with two tiny puppies, telling people she’d take 200$ for them. I was appalled. Who sells dogs at a market? And these dogs did not look healthy- just like their owner. I called by-law to report her because something just wasn’t right.
  6. You HAVE to watch the movie Colonia. So good.
  7. Wishing I could go out on my longboard cause it’s been SO long. But I don’t because: concussion.
  8. Bangs- you’re pissing me off. Seriously considering growing them out a little longer.
  9. I’m going out for Lao food tonight…so excited for papaya salad.
  10. I’ve had this song on repeat.
  11. I love the sound of heels clicking and clacking on the sidewalks on my way to work in the morning and seeing everyone suited up.
  12. I miss my sweet Daxton, so so much.
  13. This time last year I had been in Laos for a month. What.
  14. Shopping for gym memberships- but also considering kickboxing classes. What to choose…
  15. Survived my first Thanksgiving without turkey.
  16. A week living downtown and haven’t caved into getting take-out/eating out. Self-control on point or what?!
  17. Fall is pretty, but summer still rules over all.

Hope you all have a good Monday!


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