Clean, warm and hopeful


START THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve got a few hopes left in my pocket- here’s to hoping this apartment will be worth it after all. With time I’m hoping to finalize the look of the place. For now, I’ll continue to wonder where the days go, for they pass so quickly.

Life is busy these days. The moments at home are cherished as they are rare. Maybe I’ll start staying home more often; now that it’s no longer the pit of Centretown. (exagaration?!)

Halloween weekend is upon us! I have not yet chosen a costume…some last-minute-late-night shopping is about to go down tonight.

Cheers to the weekend – eat lots of chocolate and don’t talk to clowns.

Stay tuned for next week’s post: “How to avoid doing groceries like a pro”. (These ‘stay tuned’ posts are meant to sarcastically highlight pieces of my life, in case you’re wondering.)


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