I’m a woman, here’s my opinion


Tuesday, November 8th 2016… It was a day when women were to shatter that glass ceiling with full force. A day to celebrate love rather than hate. Sadly, the universe had a different plan.

It’s been a hard blow for the United States, the world and especially women. I’ve thought long and hard about what this means for us all. Sadness and worry lead my thoughts. How could this happen? Countless Youtube videos, photos, live broadcasts and tweets later, a message resonates loud and clear; fight. Fight with words, with knowledge and with awareness.

There are always heros in times of despair and this time is no exception. I look up to many incredible American women on a daily basis, and to see them raise their voice for what matters has been remarkable. Since Tuesday, these women have expressed their opinions in such eloquent, raw and sensitive ways. They inspire me to not give up, to rise up and to be the change. Amy Schumer, Olivia Wilde, Chelsea Handler and of course Hilary Clinton – you inspire me.

If such an election result can happen in the United States, it sure as heck can happen in Canada. This reality, this truth…this is what propels me. As much as I feel deflated, I feel even more passionate about being a leader in my own way.

I’ve recently become involved in a political electoral campaign and took the position of Volunteer Coordinator. I am juggling around more things in my life than a clown, but continue to find motivation somewhere inside of me to keep going. As this US election came to a close it solidified my interest in political involvement. If I want to see more women in politics, why don’t I start volunteering and being part of that change? Small commitments ( or big ) go a long way.

I write this blog post because I want to remember this moment, for better or for worse. It’s a way to keep me accountable. Talking about these things is a way for us women to come together and build each other up. To feed off each other’s energy, passions and ambitions.

Hillary, you may not have shattered that glass ceiling, but you made the biggest crack any woman ever has. Thank you.

Leaving you with an excerpt from an article that made tears swallow my eyes;

“This is what I would like you to tell your daughters today: engagement on every front is the only answer. It means that young women must participate. I do not care where. I do not care what view you take. I do not care what your political stripes are. I do not care whether I agree with you or not. What I care about is that you are seen. In every boardroom. In every school. In every C-suite. In every political party. Engineer. Artist. Judge. Politician. Doctor. Until you cannot be overlooked. Until seeing you in the highest office anywhere is as normal as breathing.

The sky is not falling. It just feels a little darker right now. She is out there. I know it in my core. In some school. On some playground. In some boardroom. She may not even know it yet. And our collective job is to light the path so everyone else can find her.”

Click here for the full article

Let’s fight for what we want and bring the next generation with us.


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