Another year, another countdown


Standing in a crowd of strangers, foreign stars lighting up the sky, heat viciously wrapping my body. I was in Cambodia, getting ready to yell the famous countdown. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1. Though familiarity was scarce, the energy radiating from people reminded me of home where the hope of renewal with a new year is the same.

How is it that it that life in Asia feels like yesterday but also like years ago? I get flashbacks from life in Vientiane at the most random moments; I can be focused on something at work when suddenly I get a flashback of myself biking to a friend’s place in Vientiane…That place took a piece of my heart – I miss that place with fervor.

Though the past year has welcomed many adventures and beginnings, it has been an emotional roller coaster ride. The past 12 months were home to difficult life lessons and challenges. They have nonetheless showed me the power of true friendship, family and passion.

Perhaps my biggest surprise in 2016 was choosing Ottawa as home, again. It has been an interesting decision as I navigate the old and the new. Life in your early 20’s doesn’t seem to be the easiest thing- am I right?

2017 is shaping up to be a busy year; Canada’s 150th birthday (lots of projects at work), a nomination campaign and travel. Who knows what else will add itself to the list!

Standing amongst friends, with familiar stars lighting the sky and crisp air fogging my every breath, I’ll be ringing in the New Year at home. Throwback to 8 year old me on New Year’s Eve desperately trying to stay up till midnight. Here I am at 23 years old wondering if I’ll make it to tomorrow night’s countdown…just kidding…??!!

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks again for following along 🙂

-Marielle ariane-and-mariellefamille

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