Out with a heatwave

cousins together.jpgThe dirty backpacker look and I have a love/hate relationship. Part of me loves being carefree in all aspects of my backpacking adventure, but there comes a time when a long hot shower, hair dryer and make-up sound pretty freaking fantastic.

The heat in Málaga didn’t stop us from taking out our prettiest skirts, lipsticks and mascaras. Oh, and I can’t forget the heels. We were walking back from the beach and saw a shoe store…the rest is history.

You might be wondering where we were heading all dressed up?! Well, we treated ourselves to an INCREDIBLE flamenco show. It was unbelievable. I felt so lucky to have seen such an authentic cultural dance in the region where it originated.

We had been warned about the inhumane temperatures of the South and luckily for us, got to witness them in full force. No air conditioning in the hostel you say? I guess I’ll just sleep here in my pool of sweat.

The last stop on our cousin adventure was in Seville. I’ve raved about Spanish architecture on here before, and I’m going to do it again. I love the colours, the fountains and the marble details. Gahhh!

Feeling very fortunate to have shared this experience with my sister and cousin.

Photos from our time in Málaga and Seville below!

Ariane posingnice buildingKyra and ice creampretty scenery.jpgmarielle alonenew heelskyra in front of fountainSevillaKyra in gardenSevilla 2pretty flowerThat’s a wrap for the Spanish part of my trip. Where did I go next?


24 hours in Córdoba

cousins walking from behind.jpgSOLD OUT.

Our go with the flow travelling style sometimes bit us in the derrière. Booking tickets and hostels at the last-minute would get the blood pumping and the nerves ticking.

Wanting to head South, we struggled to find a way to get there. Finally, we found 3 seats on a bus towards Córdoba. Unsure about what that city had to offer, we planned on making it a one night pit stop on our way to Malaga. Airbnb proved to be the winner for accommodations that night- nothing like a break from smelly and noisy hostels.

Small cobble stone streets, dim romantic lights and Moroccan influenced architecture left us happily surprised with Córdoba. We explored a castle, got lost through winding roads and ate gelato. Fabulous.

One gelato stop has stuck with me. It was us three cousins around a table. We chatted and laughed and got lost in the direction of conversations. In that moment it felt like we were more sisters than cousins. I just remember thinking how lucky I was to be sitting in SPAIN with these two girls.

Photos from Córdoba below!

colourful flower pots.jpgEating ice cream

friendship braceletspretty cordobarunning cousinsbuilding and angelchurch in cordobaKyra and Ariane

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Where’s Ljubljana?

wall art.jpgLooking at a map, wondering where we should go…

Croatia was a must, so we we picked a country beside it- Slovenia was the lucky winner!

My sister and I knew relatively nothing about Slovenia so figured it would be lots of fun to be immersed  in the unknown.

4 days in the capital of Ljubljana allowed us to get a good grasp on the country’s history and it’s general coming and goings. It was voted Europe’s 2016 Green Capital, and boy did it live up to that name! The streets were so clean and garbage disposal of all kinds were accessible throughout the city.

If you’ve ever seen the Slovenian flag, you know there is an image of a mountain on it. Some believe you can only be considered a “real Slovenian” if you’ve climbed it once in your life. Later in our travels we met two Dutch guys that climbed it- and without exaggerating, told us they thought they would die on multiple occasions. Ariane and I have our own interesting mountain climbing story- so stay tuned for that one, you won’t want to miss it.

Lots of photos below from our time in Ljubljana!

Pink building.jpg

Ariane and Marielle.jpg

Scenery shot

food platter

Tiny car.jpg
Just my size of car!

Woman biking.jpg

ArianeMarielle walking in Ljubljana


More blog posts about our trip coming soon!

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