24 hours in Córdoba

cousins walking from behind.jpgSOLD OUT.

Our go with the flow travelling style sometimes bit us in the derrière. Booking tickets and hostels at the last-minute would get the blood pumping and the nerves ticking.

Wanting to head South, we struggled to find a way to get there. Finally, we found 3 seats on a bus towards Córdoba. Unsure about what that city had to offer, we planned on making it a one night pit stop on our way to Malaga. Airbnb proved to be the winner for accommodations that night- nothing like a break from smelly and noisy hostels.

Small cobble stone streets, dim romantic lights and Moroccan influenced architecture left us happily surprised with Córdoba. We explored a castle, got lost through winding roads and ate gelato. Fabulous.

One gelato stop has stuck with me. It was us three cousins around a table. We chatted and laughed and got lost in the direction of conversations. In that moment it felt like we were more sisters than cousins. I just remember thinking how lucky I was to be sitting in SPAIN with these two girls.

Photos from Córdoba below!

colourful flower pots.jpgEating ice cream

friendship braceletspretty cordobarunning cousinsbuilding and angelchurch in cordobaKyra and Ariane

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