22 birthday thoughts

top of a mountain.jpgAnother year, another birthday.

A collection of thoughts, accomplishments and comments from life as a 22-year-old.

  1. There is more good in the world than bad. Travelling reminds me of this.
  2. I CAN make a difference for the environment. Educating myself is key.
  3. Asia seems like a different universe.
  4. I started a blog and love writing for it.
  5. God was there when I needed Him.
  6. My circle of friends has never been so internationally diverse.
  7. Céline Dion still rules.
  8. Smiling is a universal sign of love, appreciation and joy- it goes a long way.
  9. Seeing friends struggle through mental illnesses is crushing.
  10. Going out of my comfort zone makes for the best memories and stories.
  11. I became a godmother again to a little boy I love so much.
  12. Born and raised in Canada is one of the luckiest things to have happened to me.
  13. Job hunting is not fun.
  14. True friendships are when you jump right back to where you left off and it seems like nothing has changed.
  15. Dutch people are top of the list of friendliest fellow travellers.
  16. Learning some Lao language was fun, confusing and frustrating.
  17. I finally got bangs and I love it.
  18. Everyday I worked for World Vision I learned something new and I realized how little I knew.
  19. I have seen more of the world as a 22-year-old than at any another age.
  20. I am considered tall EVERYWHERE. (shocker)
  21. I organized and motivated a team to run in a race. I ran a quarter marathon and came FOURTH!
  22. I’ve learned more about the world, myself and the power of giving this past year.

Who knows what adventures await as a 23-year-old?!

I’m ready for a new chapter, so bring it.


pretty sunset.jpg


Sisters are back in town

funny car photo.jpg

Thunder Bay has been a place I’ve wanted to visit for the past 5 years. Two of my university roommates are from this Northern place and have been waiting to show me around. (Sadly Laurel wasn’t there 😦 )

A perfect opportunity to visit arose when my sister was planning on doing a pit stop there on her drive home from Edmonton. I bought a plane ticket and surprised her with my lovely presence for the remainder of her trip.

I got to see lots of other friends and check out their neck of the woods.


riverfront thunder bay

Three girls.jpg

scenery lake superior

Ariane walking

Kekabeka falls

The drive from Thunder Bay to Sudbury is breathtaking. Lake Superior is beautiful and worth seeing for sure.

On Sunday Ariane and I leave for another adventure…our long awaited sister Europe trip. First stop= Slovenia!

I likely blog about our trip when I get back as I will not have a computer during our travels.

Thanks for reading!


Hiking winter away

marielle and dogs.jpg

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!

The birds are chirping, the water is flowing and the sun is shining. Every step of our hike would be met with sigh a relief because spring has finally sprung.

I went for a hike with my mom and some of her friends to a nearby ridge. I’ve been going there for years with my family, whether it be for snowshoeing, hiking, skating and even winter camping.

The dogs looooooooooved today. So much fun watching them run around and play in the water together. And it was nice to see Rembrandt (brown lab) again; he was Russell’s best friend!

More pictures below

rem looking.jpg

pretty red flowers.jpg

elsa and I

Elsa looking

mom and friends

Rem running.jpg

elsa in water

Spring is here.