Hiking winter away

marielle and dogs.jpg

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!

The birds are chirping, the water is flowing and the sun is shining. Every step of our hike would be met with sigh a relief because spring has finally sprung.

I went for a hike with my mom and some of her friends to a nearby ridge. I’ve been going there for years with my family, whether it be for snowshoeing, hiking, skating and even winter camping.

The dogs looooooooooved today. So much fun watching them run around and play in the water together. And it was nice to see Rembrandt (brown lab) again; he was Russell’s best friend!

More pictures below

rem looking.jpg

pretty red flowers.jpg

elsa and I

Elsa looking

mom and friends

Rem running.jpg

elsa in water

Spring is here.



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