Not so yoga-vegan retreat

It’s Sunday night so you know what that means! Power outage!

Currently writing in the middle of lights being switched on and off… #clubbing?

For the past few weeks, my Sunday nights have been known for this. Last week the word on the town was that the Japanese festival was taking up all the electricity and I’m going to start assuming that this week’s is due to the That Luang festival. That’s what happens when you live in a developing country I guess!

I just got back from a lake weekend with friends in Nam Houm. My friend’s aunt owns a lake house about an hour out of Vientiane, so 10 of us ventured out for a not so vegan-yoga retreat. There was lots of bacon, chips and proseco- perfection.

A lake house with rooms opening onto a beautiful lake, pool and palm trees was more than ideal for a weekend away from the city.

nam houm room

Some of us ventured into the lake that was shockingly warm, yet had lots of cold pockets. I don’t know what kind of water friends are in that lake, but sometimes it’s just better not to know.

Taboo and Cards against Humanity made sure we burned off all the bacon, chips and proseco calories on Saturday night. You can’t go wrong with those games.

What a fun weekend!

Lao Lake House…I love you.



^Photo by Hannah. Check out her blog

flower nam houm

sunset nam houm

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