Life lately- with photos!

Sharing a few fun memories with you today!

Went to a Lao wedding! Can you spot me?
Love running along the Mekong River at sunset and being able to see Thailand right there.
My running crew. Love these folks!
doors at work.jpeg
I was working with B under the mango trees outside our office the other day and saw this door and had to take a picture. So pretty!
Hannah and I.jpg
Hannah and I being hostesses for the launch of Kronenburg 1664 and Somersby cider in Laos! Job responsibilities: serving a few drinks, smiling, taking pictures with people and mingling. Sign me up.
sam and marielle
Sam and I at a party a few weekends ago!
bowling 1
Bowling!¬†Things got pretty heated between us friends when we started betting soda and snacks…
bowling 2
Old school bowling
buddha park
Visited the Buddha Park a few weekends ago with friends. One more thing checked off the bucket list of things to do in and around Vientiane before leaving!
buddha park 2
Buddha park!

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