How Laos made me into less of a cook

Perk no.120382 of living in Laos= being able to eat out for the same cost as cooking.

I have loved trying new foods all around Vientiane and have found my favorite places to eat. A perfect mix of western food and Lao food has kept my stomach happy and satisfied.

I’ve taken photos over the past few weeks of some food I’ve eaten so I could share with you all (and maybe make you a little bit jealous 😉 ) and for me to have a reminder in the future of what foods I enjoyed here.

No photos of food I make, that’s not exciting. ha!

Try not to drool!

Cafe vanille crepe
Potato, goat cheese and caramelized onion crêpe. Oui svp.
vegetarian restaurant
Vegetarian veggie stir-fry
korean bbq
Korean BBQ- not sure how I feel about them…
dees cafe
Some of the best fried spring rolls in town @ Dee’s Cafe
banana chips
Banana chips are my new favorite snack! Nice alternative to my obsession over chips.
crispy pork sweet and sour
Lao Kitchen knows how to do a sweet&sour crispy pork
Under the mountain of crushed peanuts lies a pad thai that I’ve had more often that not for lunch. It’s SO good. And the weirdest part is that it’s served at a little restaurant beside a gas station.
Ai Capone makes really good pizza and has a three course lunch meals for only 58,000kip! Got this black pizza the other day (tastes the same) with mozzarella, eggplant and onions. Delicioso!

Peter asked me what foods I am most excited to eat when I get back to Canada. My exact answer was this: “I am going to get home from the airport and eat Boursin cheese on rice crackers with a jar of hummus ready for dips. All of this will happen as I am sitting in my hot tub outside.”


P.S. Happy Women’s Day!


5 thoughts on “How Laos made me into less of a cook

    1. Nope! All pretty thin people. But there’s an increase in malnutrition due to increasing access to fast and processed foods. And Asia is becoming one of the biggest importers of sugar…so it might all change one day.


  1. Yo, veggie stir-fry looks saep! Where’d you snag that one? Also, what would John say about your unsurety around K-BBQ, haha?


    1. Doiy. It’s at the vegetarian restaurant Anong brings me to sometimes. Towards That Luang- definitely check it out. saep lay!
      And as for John…he can cook me a K-BBQ and we’ll see if he can change my mind.


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