Let the good times roll

A little bit of this,  a little bit of that.

A few tears and a heck of a lot of laughs, these past few weeks have been amazing.

Here are some pictures!

town hall.jpg
Us Canadian interns presented at our weekly “Town Hall” on Monday morning. Reflections, hopes and thank you’s were shared…Tears galore!


marielle and Alyssa
So lucky to have met Alyssa in Laos 🙂
soccer team last game
A farewell football match with the team
baci ceremony 4
Baci ceremony! These ceremonies are used during important events or occasions such as marriages, farewells, welcomings, etc. It has become a traditional custom to Laos and does not tie into religion.
baci ceremony 2
An offering is placed in both hands (eggs in this case) and people tie strings around your wrists while sharing thoughts, wishes and hopes. A mix of laughing and crying going on in this picture.

baci ceremony 3

baci ceremony
A long string is passed around and held while chants are sung. Such a beautiful ceremony.
Lunch with coworkers/friends
Night out to celebrate Ashley’s birthday!! Danced the night away
My coworkers and friends that guarantee laughs everyday.

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