We only got 4 wheels to see the world

rental car.jpg

Do you feel like you’ve seen this picture before?

We took a similar picture on our road trip back from Thunder Bay in July and figured; let’s do this more often.

With some apprehension, we decided to rent a car so that we could visit caves in the South-Western part of the country. Postojna cave was the only one we ended up seeing- it was spectacular! It was so different than the caves I’ve seen in Canada and Laos. Unfortunately it was very much developed into a tourist attraction- which took away from the natural beauty of it. I’m used to caves in Laos being completely untouched and being allowed to roam free inside- oh well!

cave 2cave 3cave

Look at this beauty!!!! Unreal.

Sckojan MarielleSckojan Ariane


We ended our day in Portoroz, a small town on the ocean side. It was a family destination after all (so not too much for us), but offered a good day of relaxation nonetheless.

Ariane had her first hostel experience that night, filled with big snoring papas and weirdos! She got thrown right in there for a nice treat.

After little sleep, lots of sun and not much food, we set out for Croatia. Little did we know it would take us about 40 hours to make it there, instead of 6.

Sweating under the hot sun and carrying our backpacks, we arrived to the bus stop that would be our home for the next long hours. We waited, waited and waited some more for a bus that never came. The heat was draining our energy and our positivity- it felt like we had been there FOREVER. We got a refund and booked another bus for the following morning. 9:30am sharp.

So, Koper it was for the night.

The next morning: Tired eyes and sore backs, we make our way to that beloved bus stop once again.

9:30am: “Bus should be here any second!”

9:45am: “Ok, I’m sure the bus is just a bit late.”

10:00am: “Maybe there’s traffic?”

10:30am: “You have GOT to be kidding me.”

11:00am: “The ticket lady just called the company and they said they’d be here in 30 minutes.”

11:45am: “Well, looks like Slovenia hates us.”

12:00pm: We purchase a train ticket.

Departure time: 4pm


At last, we arrived in Croatia.

More about that soon!


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