Croatia gon’ kill ya

Marielle-mountain top.jpgI spy with my little eye…something that is green!

Bonne chance playing that game in Croatia- that place is green from head to toe. I loved all the outdoor activities and the scenery it offered. Next time I’m for sure packing a tent and going off the grid.

Plitvice National Park sure gives Lake Louise in Canada a run for it’s money. (see photos below) As we embarked on a 9km walk around the lakes, we tried to take in all the beauty around us. Though the dodging of selfie sticks and slow walkers gave our eyes a rolling workout, we focused our way into being “one with nature”.

And boy did we get “one with nature” the next day!!!!


Lake- goodPlitvice lakes 2

Plitvice lakes reflection

So, it’s story time.

The hostel we were staying at offered hikes; one hike was about 9km, and the other a whopping 20km (which we chose). Now were talking 20km in Croatia…did we really know what we were getting ourselves into?

Ariane was reluctant to join but threw herself in with an optimistic smile. Six of us brave travelers from the hostel set out for this hike- scorching sun and all.


Our pace was steady, our breaths were heavy and our sweat came easy.

45 minutes in and Ariane miiiiiiiight be wondering what in the world she is doing there. I begin to worry, but with perseverance we continue.

Flash forward to 3 hours. We make it to the top of this monster, what was formerly a Yugoslavian military base. Bosnia on one side, Croatia on the other.

A well deserved lunch break is taken with o so typical mountain shots.

ariane mountain top

yoga pose
Am I doing it right? #yoga #yogi #onewithnature #fresh #sarcasm

Our descent was met with shaky legs and a deep desire to simply stop and accept one’s fate. (*cough* Ariane)

As the last 4km were creeping up, the sun rays pushed the clouds away in a “A HA!” fashion and came streaming down on our glossy skin. Our hands and knees met the ground when our feet stepped on wobbly rocks- Ariane says she didn’t feel pain when falling, her legs were already long gone.

And just like that, our 8 hour hike was over. We rejoiced in our accomplishment- wait- Ariane what are you doing with your legs? *She was standing when all of a sudden her legs just gave out and she almost fell* (We both roared with laughter at this situation, and still do).

What a day to be (barely) alive! I’ll remember that day for a long time.

^FYI: Ariane’s consent was given to tell this story- as is.


A few pictures from our time in Zadar. We loved it there!


IMG_9573Zadar 2Zadar

Croatia, we really liked you and everyone who made our time there so great!



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