Crossing the finish line

that luang.jpg

Six years since I’ve crossed a finish line in a sprint.

Sometime ago in primary and secondary school, track and field was what I loved. I still love it, but somewhere in between university and work, it just hasn’t been in the cards.

Until now!

I love organizing events that bring people together, especially for a good cause. I heard about the Vientiane International Half Marathon in early January and suggested to my communication team that we gather staff from our office and participate as a team! They said YES!

15 sign-up sheets later and we’ve got a team running to stay healthy and to raise awareness for child protection, through the End Trafficking in Persons program. It has been so much fun these past few weeks seeing where everyone is in their training and going for runs with each other. Sports really do bring people together. (And it seems like that’s what everyone is talking about in Vientiane. This small town I tell you, so easy for the word to get around!)

Back to ETIP; this program focuses on on prevention, victim protection and policy advocacy to eliminate trafficking into exploitative and abusive situations. Asia Pacific is the region with the most trafficking victims. The ETIP program works in Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Here is the website if you want to read more about it!

I will be running the 10.5km race on March 6th and am so looking forward to it!

Our team has set up a fundraising page, check it out! If you want to donate to help make a difference, don’t hesitate to do so!

I hope all my Canadian friends and family are staying safe in this crazy snow storm that is taking over headlines across every media channel!!


Life lately- with photos!

Sharing a few fun memories with you today!

Went to a Lao wedding! Can you spot me?
Love running along the Mekong River at sunset and being able to see Thailand right there.
My running crew. Love these folks!
doors at work.jpeg
I was working with B under the mango trees outside our office the other day and saw this door and had to take a picture. So pretty!
Hannah and I.jpg
Hannah and I being hostesses for the launch of Kronenburg 1664 and Somersby cider in Laos! Job responsibilities: serving a few drinks, smiling, taking pictures with people and mingling. Sign me up.
sam and marielle
Sam and I at a party a few weekends ago!
bowling 1
Bowling! Things got pretty heated between us friends when we started betting soda and snacks…
bowling 2
Old school bowling
buddha park
Visited the Buddha Park a few weekends ago with friends. One more thing checked off the bucket list of things to do in and around Vientiane before leaving!
buddha park 2
Buddha park!

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Cold feet

image^B and I at work with layers upon layers on

It’s as though the dark clouds swallowed the sun, as though the crisp air ate the mosquitoes.

Winter is here my friends.

Though snow is missing, it sure feels like it’s on the way!

It’s one thing to live with 10 degree weather with heating, and it’s another to live and work in buildings with solely cement walls separating you with the chilling winds outside.

My 2 sweaters and 2 pants are coming in handy after all!

Here’s to hoping this rare cold temperatures crank up a few notches!

Seriously fearing my return to Canada in a few months…




Laughing cramps

landscape 2
What a view!
These little insects are so cool! If you try to touch them they jump away. They look like spiders right?!
Not only celebrating Mark’s time with us, but his birthday and Ammala’s too!
*Mark fell in 2 minutes later*

For those of you who read my previous post, you will understand when I say the dizziness is gone!

After a visit to the doctor in Udon, Thailand, I can stop worrying as nothing came back negative. Nonetheless, I got medication to get rid of the dizziness and get myself back to normal! I instantly started feeling better.

The pictures are from the other day with my communications team from World Vision! We were celebrating Mark and all the fantastic-ness that is he. He is a social media guru, comms advocate and hilarious guy. I am so happy to call him my friend.

We planned a day at Ban Lao Pako- an eco lodge by Nam Ngum River with a nice hiking trail and a beautiful river! Some of us went swimming by choice while others like Mark, fell in. We laughed so hard, from trying to swim against the current to accidentally sinking the boat.

My manager Nila has a crazy contagious laugh that I can not get enough of. She can’t say a funny story without laughing hysterically the whole time, and it cracks me up to the point of crying. Every.single.time.

I’m so lucky to have such amazing coworkers. They call our team a family and start e-mails by saying ‘dear family’…Come on, how adorable is that?!

You will be missed Mark!

More photos below.


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