bike copie

“Paint it red.”

That’s what I asked my parents when I got this killer bike (or so I thought), back in the day from this garage sale.

Sure enough, at 22 years old I’m still asking for a red bike.

About a month ago, I finally decided to go out and get a bike- a red bike. Since then, no regrets. It’s been so useful to get around the city and makes grocery shopping ten times easier, especially with the basket.  When I put a watermelon in there the other day, I almost fell off my bike from the weight it was putting on the front wheel. That’ll teach me to stop purchasing the biggest watermelon in the pile every time.

I haven’t had too many close calls on the road yet, let’s hope that doesn’t change. There are so many motorbikes and other cyclists that drivers are quite aware of their surroundings. Something Canada could learn, no?

Edmonton also had me tearing up the streets on a red bike, by far my best purchase of the year. I bought it from a non-for-profit bike shop called Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society for 80$ and used it everyday on my 16km commute to work. Saved me hundreds of dollars from public transportation, plus I got so much exercise!

Buying a bike; it’s always a good idea.


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