Tall falang returns to Canada

outside in the snow

23 days have gone by since I’ve last seen the country I called home for almost 7 months.

Though I’m not physically in Laos anymore, I mentally feel like I am. Good thing I have so many happy memories to think back on and occupy my mind.

I’ve put off posting on the blog since returning because I just haven’t found the words. I still don’t feel like I have, but want to share a few thoughts with you all.

So here I am, a Canadian on home soil once again.

The first few days back were brutal- shock, stress and sadness waved over me. The word that best describes how I was seeing everything those first few days: ORGANIZED!

Wait…people actually stop at red lights here?

Wait…there’s a garbage and recycling system?

Wait…there’s a grocery store with everything you need?

It’s been an interesting transition back, one that is much harder than anticipated, all because I loved my experience so much. Sure, I could potentially go back, but it would never be like it was. And that’s the hard part to swallow. C’est la vie. 

On the bright side, I’ve heard the phrase “You’re so tall,” 80% less since returning. People still want to make sure I’m aware of the fact, you know, in case I didn’t know.

I’m already getting ready for another plane ride…Edmonton, Alberta here I come! I can not wait to spend a few weeks with my sister and friends. It’s going to be awesome!

On that note, friends in Laos throw a bucket of water on someone for me (Lao New Year, I don’t typically throw buckets of water on people), and friends in Canada…pray for sunshine 🙂


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