Uno, Dos, Tres Chicas!


Spain- you’re a dream.

You can visit that place a thousand times and still love it. Mix in your sister and cousin- you’ve got yourself a dream vacation.

Ariane and I tackled the busy streets of Barcelona with new friends, and strode through picturesque churches in Zaragoza before meeting our cousin.

Then… MADRID! The three chicas together.

Apartments, shops and businesses adorned in bright colours with balconies housing drooping plants. Madrid has the kind of big city vibe that I love and could definitely get used to. Many are surprised when I choose Madrid over Barcelona; I stand by my choice.

Our hostel room was in the atic portion of the building and boy did it have that thick smell you imagine an attic would. Or was it the sweaty Australian who adamantly worked out there everyday?

A few pictures below and more about our time in Madrid!

GraffitiKyra.jpgBarcelona cathedralMarielle et Kyra.jpg

Daily gelato intake in Zaragoza
Madrid-3 cousines.jpg
Walking tour pit stop at the Palace! Only normal for three princesses to stop and take a picture.

IMG_9601I am happy to report that I remained a pescatarian throughout my entire trip. Two months and counting! Croissants, baguettes, cheese, wine, gelato and fries were at the forefront of our diet. Said an ‘hasta la vista’ to my healthy eating habits for a bit- treat yoself.

One last thing about food, I promise. Kyra and I wanted to grab some churros before leaving Madrid so we headed to the best bakery in town. Oh my goodness, we ate so many so fast. I don’t even know why, they weren’t even that great! So greasy. “Never” again.

The adventure continued in the South of Spain. More on that later.

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Taco you later peeps!


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